1961 born in Pforzheim
1977-80 apprenticeship as a jewellery designer
1980-81 first year as journeyman in the jewellery company
Becker & Reister Straubenhardt
(guest audience at the college for design in Pforzheim)
1981-82 second year as journeyman in handcraft at
Rainer Model Stuttgart
(guest audience at the college for design in Pforzheim)
1982-83 third year as journeyman working with jewellery designer
Rolf Elsaesser in Pforzheim
1983-85 attending the ZA Hanau at J.R. Lorenzen. Graduation as
a master in jewellery design and technician for precious metal.
since 1985 self employed jewellery designer
since 1999 own jewellery studio in Pforzheim. Member of the KIP-group
Member of the artisan-association
Participant at exhibitions, artisan-fairs, competitions, events ..
Director of jewellery courses for children, teenagers and tourists on Corfu.
2007 investment in the N.Y.I.G.F. (www.nyigf.com.)