All of my jewellery is created by myself and it has been handmade in my studio. Most of the pieces I create are unique. I'm always in search of the perfect proportion between size, design, color and material. I am interested in the surface structure and the development of new samples as well as in the creation of an independent body in space.

There is something meditative about these strict, concentrated and geometrical convolutions - the splitting of a form in many little pieces is more playful. Colors become a passion with endless treasuries such as metals, pearls, gemstones, corals, Email, wood, glass, finds ..

Because of the direct contact to the client, mobility and handling are mature parts in this business, so are closures and chaining often pretty elements that should have been seen.

The biggest honor for me is when my jewellery makes people happy and gives them strength so that you can see it when you look in their faces.